Revision Shoulder Surgery


Outpatient Shoulder Surgery - Woman Stretching

After a previous shoulder surgery, some patients suffer from chronic pain, dysfunction or other problems. Dr. Stowell will determine if further revision shoulder surgery would be helpful by discussing and reviewing your previous care, performing his own full physical examination, and may order new imaging if necessary. Each patient is unique in their ideal outcome and Dr. Stowell’s medical knowledge and experience will help determine the best treatment plan for you. If your mobility and interests are served best with surgery, Dr. Stowell may recommend revision shoulder surgery and will discuss with you thoroughly the risks and benefits of the procedure.

After revision shoulder surgery, some patients are completely free of pain, but like any surgery, there is no guarantee. Revision surgeries tend to have slower recovery times than first surgeries, but a full recovery is likely. Post-operative management will be discussed with you by Dr. Stowell. Typically, physical therapy is delayed to allow adequate healing time. Pain can be managed reasonably well by modifying daily activities and adhering to Dr. Stowell’s recommendations closely. The key is to not put excessive stress on the healing joint while maintaining a balanced effort to strengthen muscles and increase the joint’s range of motion.

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