Outpatient Shoulder Replacement


Outpatient Shoulder Surgery - Woman StretchingShoulder replacement surgery is highly effective in targeting pain and restoring shoulder function. When you undergo shoulder replacement surgery, Dr. Stowell essentially removes the damaged area and replaces it with a shoulder prosthesis, an artificial joint. He usually makes an incision on the front of your shoulder to access the joint and remove the damaged ends of the bone. He then prepares your bone to place the artificial joint, which is made of metal. This metal is usually made of titanium or a cobalt-chrome alloy and secured by bone cement or pressing it into the bone. Usually, patients with osteoarthritis and inflammatory arthritis benefit from the placement of a glenoid component during surgery, which is made of a special plastic. Dr. Stowell would determine if adding a glenoid component during surgery would be beneficial.

With the ongoing technological advances in the orthopedic field of medicine, many patients are now able to experience a safe, convenient, and effective outpatient shoulder replacement procedure. Outpatient means you will go home the day of your surgery. It is cost-effective and lowers your risk of hospital infection. Advancements in medical technology, techniques, anesthesia, and pain management have made outpatient shoulder replacement surgery possible for many patients.

Not everyone is a candidate for outpatient shoulder replacement. There are a few factors that may rule out this option for you including: insurance restrictions, serious medical conditions, age, and weight. Dr. Stowell will help you decide if outpatient shoulder surgery is the right choice for you.

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