Failed Previous Shoulder Stabilization Surgery


If a previous shoulder surgery was unsuccessful, Dr. Stowell may perform a Latarjet surgical technique. It is a type of shoulder surgery that can be used to treat bone loss and shoulder instability due to previous shoulder injury or trauma. Latarjet procedure can be highly effective in treating failed previous shoulder stabilization surgery, chronic instability, rebuilding supportive structures, and preventing future shoulder dislocations.

What is a Latarjet Prodecure?

Latarjet procedure involves removing a portion of the shoulder bone from the scapula, and repositioning it with screws to the front of the socket. The shoulder joint is further stabilized with two small tendons that attach to the bone from the scapula. This new bone structure then replaces bone that has been lost due to a failed shoulder surgery or dislocation. 

Latarjet Surgery Recovery

Following Latarjet surgery, you will go home with a sling to stabilize the shoulder as it heals for at least four weeks. Swelling is normal and may restrict movement during the healing process. Dr. Stowell may recommend intermittent icing as well as other post-op pain management options. Simple at-home exercise routines to regain strength in the shoulder will aid in building the range of motion back into the joint; however, excessive stress on the joint as it recovers is not wise during recovery the first month after surgery. A light physical therapy program will help restore the strength and mobility of your shoulder. After eight to twelve weeks, light weight-lifting exercises may be recommended to further your restorative progress.

Animation of Latarjet


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